Ohio Neighborhood Preservation Association is dedicated to the safety, improvement, and preservation of neighborhoods while providing families with affordable, reasonable housing when in times of need.

Goals of ONPA

1. To improve the wellness and happiness of community members through the improvement and preservation of their neighborhoods.

2. To provide an instrument through which local government agencies and other private organizations may assist in providing affordable housing for families who have fallen into circumstances beyond their control.

3. To identify and evaluate neighborhoods with problem properties that might be improved through ONPA’s efforts, starting with the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area,

4. To eliminate blight and prevent further degradation of neighborhoods through nuisance abatement, acting as the Plaintiff to bring those properties before local Environmental and Municipal Courts.

5. To focus on multiple Ohio neighborhoods, including the expansion into counties beyond Franklin County, Ohio.




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Blighted Property Identification

In 2016 there were 5,000+ abandoned properties in Franklin County alone. ONPA fights for the rights of community members by filing complaints against neglectful landlords, forcing them to resolve violations or risk losing their properties.

Displaced Resident Assistance

From evictions to unfavorable living conditions to unexpected disasters, there are many Central Ohio residents who are looking for temporary housing. ONPA will work to help those in need find short-term living arrangements while they sort out other life circumstances to keep their family safe and protected. 

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Community Advocacy

ONPA will work with community leaders to provide reasonable, safe living conditions for all residents.



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